La Barranca - Entre La Niebla | LP Splatter + Limited edition of 500 numbered copies

La Barranca - Entre La Niebla | LP Splatter + Limited edition of 500 numbered copies

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El Club del Rock and Roll Label exclusively presents the new album by the Mexican band La Barranca, "Entre La Niebla", it is a splatter vinyl, limited edition of 500 numbered copies. Get your album now!

Entre la niebla is the 12th studio album of La Barranca. It was realized on December 11, 2020 in digital platforms. It is the first studio album in which participates Abraham Mendoza, its most recent drummer.

In the album Entre la Niebla they come back with 10 unreleased tracks. 

“The album… it sounds curious, but I already said it and obviously you had already deduced it; what we propose to do is a record, an album, although everyone say that people no longer listen to records, that they no longer have the time or attention to listen to entire albums, but only singles. We are thinking of an album. Just before the pandemic began, we had already met in Valle de Bravo, to work on a couple of new songs, under the vague idea of making an EP ... But those were pre-Covid plans" Aguilera commented to 

The album's bases were recorded in Mexico City in the week of September 14 to 18. The pianos were performed on October 9. While additional instruments and vocals were recorded in the band's personal studios in the following weeks. At no time in the process were the members of La Barranca in the same physical space.

For this material, La Barranca is composed by José Manuel Aguilera, Adolfo and Ernick Romero, Yann Zaragoza and Abraham Mendez, as special guest (as well as in shows) Cecilia Toussaint. The cover was by Francisco Larios and what we observe is the artwork Floating Bodies.

Vinyl designed by Kraken Khan.

The album has 42 minutes distributed in 10 totally new songs.

Get this exclusive Vinyl from El Club del Rock and Roll!

Track List:

1 Sueño de Orquídea
2 Máscara de Relámpago
3 Entre la Niebla I
4 Nada Tiene Paz
5 Pandemónium
6 Sin Temor Ni Esperanza
7 Afrodita
8 Ocaso
9 Este Amor
10 Entre La Niebla II